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At 70 yers old, after a lost fight to preserve the only two teeth that I had left, I became total edentulous. Later then, I started another fight - trying to have a normal life with two prostheses that were constantly unstable, no matter how hard I tried to fix them. Already desperate, I decided then to do some implants. At present, I nearly forget that I don't have any teeth left. I owe the success of this lifechanging measure to my dentists, Prof. Gil Alcoforado and Dr.ª Marina Lampreia. The friendliness with which she welcomes and treats her patients , the competence and professionalism she demonstrated during the whole treatment was remarkable. Professionalism is something that I've always valued throughout my life: as that is the only way to convey others' confidence. In the hands of Dr.ª Marina Lampreia, I have always felt confident, and this is the best compliment I can give to her, along with my sincere gratefulness.

Cândido Varela de Freitas

Dr.ª Marina Lampreia, I think I can say that "Apples don't fall far from the forbidden tree". I have the privilege of counting myself among your father's patients for over 20 years and I reaffirm what I've always told my friends - For me, going to the dentist was never a nightmare. My children have always been your father's patients and, just like me, they do not abdicate from a check up consultation every six months, and they do it without any constraint. I'm also happy to count on your assistance, Dr.ª Marina Lampreia, in matters of rehabilitation and aesthetics and, as I say, I got my teeth to be the top of the game. I believe that our teeth must have special care in order for the mouth to be healthy and our teeth to be beautiful - as the pleasures of life pass through them; laugh, talk, eat and kiss (without any bad breath). A well-treated mouth is a matter of health and well-being. A dental health service with the Lampreia tradition is a guarantee of quality without suffering. It looks like an advert but it isn't, it is a proven fact.

João de Almeida D'Eça

I feel total confidence in the whole team and especially in Dr.ª Marina Lampreia. She is very professional which makes me feel extremely calm. The three crowns she inserted on my mouth were the best investment I have ever made, I don't even remember that they are not really mine. I was delighted with the result. Thank you!

Madalena M.

Whenever I go to The Oral Lab I can relax a little, and believe it or not, I fall asleep in the dentist's chair! I made my "beautiful" implants when I was entirely asleep and don't you think it was under general anesthesia.

Mafalda Esteves

I was always afraid to go to the dentist and that was the main reason why my mouth's condition was never famous. I didn't have many teeth as I played rugby for many years, there were others that were cracked, I had cavities, toothaches, etc ... etc ... I had basically everything, but essentially nothing in good conditions. When I turned 40, Dr Marina came to my birthday party, since I have known her since we were kids, and that day I told her: Marina, I'm determined and I am finally going to fix my teeth, Marina laughed. The following Monday I called, I panicked at the 1st appointment, took x-rays, and The Oral Lab presented to me a treatment plan. I had two minor surgeries, went to the hygienist, pulled out wisdom teeth, etc ... etc ... finally, I did everything that was necessary. Nowadays, in addition to having Brad Pitt's teeth, I can finally chew, and I've now a much greater pleasure to eat. By writing this testimony I realised that I need to schedule a hygienist appointment. I am grateful for my treatment as I really miss the frequency with which I went to those appointments - I found out that at the dentist I am able to relax and to relieve the stress of my everyday life.

Lourenço Fernandes Thomaz

About 4 years ago, my children (12 and 17 years old) and I started to be treated in your clinic. We were guided by an excellent team, in which I have full confidence. It has a very strong leadership, and a team that covers the different intervention areas of dentistry. The facilities are very friendly and very good located. Professionally, I am a Speech Therapist, and I have had great feedback from the patients I have referred there.

Marta Homem de Mello

A team of excellent professionals, with the latest techniques and resources, who are always aware of the personal needs of each patient. With Smile Lab, today The Oral Lab, I came back to believe that it is possible to have a beautiful and healthy smile as I never had. A sincere thanks to all employees. You are amazing!

Lúcia Manso

I am not aware of the exact year in which I first went to the office at Av. De Roma nº91, but it was certainly more than twenty years ago. The efficiency, professionalism and also the friendliness of the entire team, from doctors to assistants and employees, guarantee the best assistance to any dental problem. Additionally, at the moment, I have, fortunately, very few dental problems, since, after treating some complicated teeth I finally reached stability with a perfect oral health.

Graça Videira Lopes

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