A good smile speaks for itself. And this is the case for the hundreds of patients who have trusted us with theirs over the last 30 years. Discover some of their testimonials here and find out how The Oral Lab helped them change their smile. And also your life.

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At the age of 70, after a finally lost fight to keep the only two teeth that had survived, I became completely toothless. I then started another struggle – trying to have a normal life with two prosthetics that were constantly dancing, no matter how much I tried to fix them. In desperation I then decided, and at the right time, to resort to implants. Today I practically forget that I don’t have root teeth. For the success of this change, I owe a lot to those who operated on me (Prof. Gil Alcoforado) and above all to those who performed the prostheses that have been with me for almost three years: Dr. Marina Lampreia’s medical team. More than the friendliness with which he welcomes and treats clients, the competence and professionalism he demonstrated was relevant. I have always valued, in my and other activities, being professional: because only then can you transmit confidence to others through the decisions that are made. In the hands of Dr. Marina Lampreia I have always felt confident, and that is the best compliment I can give her, accompanied by a sincere thank you.


Dr. Marina Lampreia, if my words can have any meaning, even if without great originality I say: “Daughter of Fish Knows Swimming”. I have the privilege of counting myself among your father’s patients for more than 20 years and I reaffirm what I have always said to my friends for many years that going to my dentist is not a reason for embarrassment or suffering for me. My children have always been accompanied by their father and like me, they do not miss a routine visit at least every six months and they do so without any embarrassment. I am now also fortunate to have Dr. Marina Lampreia’s assistance in matters of correction and aesthetics and, as I say, my teeth are envious. I believe that our teeth must receive special care for the mouth to be healthy and the teeth to be beautiful, as pleasures pass through them, laughing, talking, eating and kissing (without bad breath). A well-treated mouth is a factor in health and well-being. A stomatology health service with the Lampreia tradition is a guarantee of quality without suffering. It sounds like an advertisement but it’s not, it’s a fact.


I feel immense confidence in the entire team and especially in Dr. Marina Lampreia. Very professional which puts me at ease. The three crowns you gave me were the best investment I made, I don’t even remember they aren’t mine. I was thrilled with the result. Thanks!


Every time I go to The Oral Lab I can relax a little, and whether you believe it or not, I fall asleep in the dentist’s chair! I had all my “beautiful” implants done while sleeping and don’t think it was with general anesthesia.


I was always afraid of going to the dentist and that was the main reason why my mouth wasn’t famous. I didn’t have some teeth because I played rugby for many years, I had others that were cracked, I had cavities, I had toothaches, etc… etc… basically I had everything, but almost nothing good. When I turned 40, (Dr) Marina came to my party since I’ve known her since we were kids, and that day I said to her: Marina, I’ve got courage and I’m finally going to get my teeth fixed, Marina laughed. The following Monday I called to make an appointment, I went to the first appointment in a panic, I took x-rays, they made me a treatment plan, I had two surgeries, molds, I went to the hygienist, I had wisdom teeth removed, etc… etc… in short, I did everything what was to be done. Nowadays, in addition to having Brad Pitt’s teeth, I can chew, which is very important, and now seriously, I enjoy eating much more than I did before. Today that I’m writing this testimony I’m going back for a hygienist appointment and that’s good because nowadays I miss the frequency with which I used to go for treatments because it’s at the dentist that I relax a lot and reduce the stress of everyday life.


About 4 years ago, my children (12 and 17 years old) and I started to be followed at your clinic. We are followed by an excellent team, in which I have every confidence. It has very strong management, and a team that covers the different areas of intervention. The space is very friendly and easy to access. Professionally, I am a Speech Therapist, and I have had great feedback from the patients I have referred there.


I don’t remember the exact year in which I first went to Av de Roma nº91’s office. of Rome nº91, but it was certainly well over twenty years ago. What I remember clearly is that, from that point on, I was an exclusive “patient”. The efficiency, professionalism and friendliness of the entire team, from doctors to assistants and employees, still guarantee me the best assistance with any dental problem. I would like to add that, at the moment, these problems are, fortunately, few, since they managed to make a peaceful and normal mouth out of some complicated teeth.


A team of excellent professionals, with cutting-edge techniques and resources that always take into account each person’s personal needs. With Smile Lab, now The Oral Lab, I once again believed that it is possible to have a beautiful and healthy smile like I never had before. A sincere thank you to all collaborators. Are amazing!


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