As a response to this pandemic, The Oral Lab has joined forces to adapt the rigorous measures already taken against cross-infection to the recent Coronavirus.

Our protocol recommends a series of additional measures based on the recommendations of the OMS and DGS in order to guarantee the safety of our patients and professionals within our clinical environment.

The measures implemented involve several levels of intervention, including:

  1. Instructions given to each patient before arriving at the clinic
  2. Patient reception protocol
  3. Organization and mobility protocol in the clinic
  4. Cabinet preparation protocols before, during and after each consultation
  5. Postoperative instructions to the patient
  6. Daily cleaning of the whole environment

For all practical purposes, what do you need to know?

  1. The clinic will not receive patients at first hand unless an appointment has previously been scheduled through the usual channels, landline (217969186), WhatsApp (918741032), or e-mail (
  2. A risk assessment for Covid19 will be performed during the initial contact in order to implement the appropriate protocols.
  3. The attendance periods during the pandemic phase may change
  4. The clinic provides consultations by telemedicine on cases in which it is not possible or convenient for our patients to reach our facilities.
  5. Every patient should arrive at the appointed time in order to minimize the time spent in the waiting room.
  6. Inside the clinic, you should always keep the safety distance of approximately 2 meters and avoid touching anything, knobs, chairs, etc. with your hands. 
  7. Every patient should take the respiratory label measures (cover your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing with a tissue or elbow, never use your hands; always throw the tissue in the trash can).
  8. You should refrain from wearing necklaces, earrings and bracelets, as it was verified that the virus can remain on metal surfaces for several days.
  9. Please note that, except in cases of underage patients, with special needs, or with mobility problems, or rare exceptions, companions will not be allowed to enter.
  10. Bear in mind that due to unforeseen circumstances, there may be a delay in the time of the consultations. However, in that case, we’ll try to contact you.
  11. Your doctor / assistant, who will already be properly equipped, will meet you at the entrance. You’ll be given all instructions regarding the protocols to follow.
  12. Measuring body temperature, cleaning and disinfecting your hands will be a priority. Our team will support you regarding all measures that need to be taken.
  13. During the consultation you should avoid greetings with kisses or handshakes.
  14. It will be convenient to pay by credit card or bank transfer in order to minimize unnecessary contacts.
  15. You should inform the clinic if, within 2 weeks after the appointment, you develop symptoms compatible with COVID-19. This duty is reciprocal, and the clinic is also responsible for informing each patient if a sick employee has proven to be infected by the virus after being involved in the treatment of the same patient.
  16. Be patient and understanding.

Learn about our COVID19 protection measures