3D Digital Imaging

At The Oral Lab you will find the most modern 2D, RX Panoramic and 3D image acquisition system (Cone Beam Computed Tomography), with the Carestream CS8100 3D device.

This 3D device features ‘State of the Art’ sensors and image processors, combining high-frequency generators with the lowest radiation emissions. Its ‘Fast Scanning’ mode or low radiation mode allows images to be captured with the lowest emission of radiation possible. The resolution up to 75 Microns, allows the visualisation of the smallest anatomical details for a better diagnosis and treatment.

JC Optic Flexion Advanced Microscope

Our microscope was the first to be designed taking into account the dentist’s needs, integrating all the dental specialities.

It has a wide range of magnifications, an unparalleled field of view, an ideal depth of field and perfect focus at all of the magnifications. This high-tech equipment is at your disposal in our clinic to provide you with a detailed treatment according to our work philosophy.

Binocular loupes

Magnifiers are instruments for visual magnification and are available at The Oral Lab allowing the doctor’s work to be performed with greater precision and less effort, with a comfortable distance to the patient and a correct posture. 

At the Oral Lab dentists use quality magnifiers with built-in LED light to ensure excellence in procedures and technical gestures.

RVG digital radiology

With this technology, our patients benefit from less radiation when acquiring an XR-ray. Digital radiography is the most widely used diagnostic tool in the dentist’s daily routine.

It allows the immediate detection of caries, fractures, pathological lesions in the tooth roots and many other pathologies, being essential in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of the patients.

Intraoral digital camera

The intraoral camera is a very useful instrument as a mean of communication between doctor and patient and clinical documentation.

It allows the execution of high-resolution intraoral photographs with immediate viewing on the computer screen.

Digital Photography and ‘Digital Smile Design’

The documentation of clinical cases through photographic protocols is an essencial step for the Digital Smile design and ensures effective communication with the laboratory technicians. Dental photography is also used for clinical documentation of all cases.

‘Guided Biofilm Therapy’ equipment

The AIRFLOW Profilaxis Master is a ‘state of the art’ equipment for professional use, innovative in the area of ​​Oral hygiene, maintenance and treatments in Dentistry. It allows for the implementation of the ‘Guided Biofilm Therapy’ protocol.


Halimeter is a detector device for CSVs (Volatile Sulfur Compounds). These compounds, derived from sulfur, are the main components of bad breath.

This was the first device that made possible the measurement of breath with a high degree of precision and reliability.

As bacterial activity is continually present in the mouth, the device is able to measure the amount of CSVs, by means of a % from which we can establish that the breath is altered. The treatment of bad breath results from a careful analysis of its causes and the success rate is close to 100%. The result presented by the Halimeter is just one of the relevant diagnostic factors for the treatment.

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