TMD and TMJ treatment / Bruxism

Do you suffer from muscle pain in the jaw area or the Temporo-Mandibular joint? Do you have difficulty opening your mouth?

Do you suffer from chronic headaches or muscle fatigue in the jaw area?

These signs and symptoms may be part of a Temporo-Mandibular joint dysfunction syndrome that requires a multidisciplinary approach to its treatment. The often unconscious habit of clenching or grinding your teeth during sleep or throughout the day, may lead to muscle fatigue and wear of a significant amount of tooth structure.

These problems can seriously affect a person’s quality of life and require proper diagnosis and treatment.

At The Oral Lab we perform the diagnosis and provide the treatment you need to regain comfort and joy in your life.

Pregnancy consultation

This consultation aims to promote oral health in pregnant women and reduce the incidence and prevalence of oral diseases during that period in which there is a set of hormonal changes and shifts in woman’s habits. These may cause a greater risk for the development of cavities and diseases regarding teeth and their supporting tissues.

If you are thinking about becoming pregnant you should have a check-up appointment to prevent complications that may occur during your pregnancy. In this diagnostic consultation, counselling will be given regarding eating habits and oral hygiene to be maintained throughout the pregnancy period. All necessary treatments will also be planned for you to be able to safely become pregnant preventing future complications regarding your oral and general health. If you are already pregnant, this evaluation will be done with the aim of planning treatments safely according to the stage of pregnancy in order to improve yours and your baby’s comfort.

Prevention and maintenance consultation

Do you provide the proper care for your teeth so that you can maintain a healthy and long-lasting smile?

Did you know that a large number of diseases are associated with oral health problems?

Your oral health may be at risk without being easily noticed. Until the first symptoms arise a lot of damage may already been taken place.  

Your regular check-up consultation can be crucial when maintaining a healthy, problem-free smile and an accumulation of problems that are difficult and expensive to solve will be avoided.

At The Oral Lab we are committed to prevention, scheduling the recall appointments at appropriate intervals according to your risk factors. We supervise our patients with periodic evaluations of the delivered treatments.

The trust of our patients over so many years is something that we value the most! Invest on prevention and count on your clinic to help you smile!

Oral hygiene and breath consultation

After the completion of the treatments, we dedicate special attention to the maintenance phase in order to guarantee the success of the treatments provided in a long-lasting way.

Our hygienist is specially trained on prevention, diagnosis and maintenance of patients after oral rehabilitation procedures. Specific requirements regarding oral hygiene procedures on each patient are taken into account and always respected. In that way, the treatments performed can remain in excellent conditions over the years.

Orthodontic and periodontal patients are also monitored by the hygiene department throughout the treatments and maintenance phases.

An appointment with Dr. Cátia Borges takes approximately 45 min and the presence of your dentist may be required for an evaluation or opinion.

What does the hygienist do during the consultation?

Reviews the patient’s medical history to assess whether there are any systemic conditions that may have an influence on the treatment.

A re-evaluation of oral hygiene is carried out, detecting changes in relation to previous consultations.

Diagnoses cavities or problems in the teeth and its supporting tissues so that they can be treated at an early stage as well as screening for halitosis and cancerous and precancerous lesions in the oral cavity.

Teaches and reviews oral hygiene techniques such as brushing and the use of dental floss and interdental brushes, advising the most appropriate techniques for each case.

Digital RX will be taken if indicated.

Removes hard and soft deposits (calculus and plaque) over and below the gum level using GBT (Guided Biofilm Therapy) technology

Applies caries prevention agents (fluoride, fissure sealants) when necessary.

Applies desensitising agents to teeth that are sensitive.

Maintenance therapy in implantology, periodontology and orthodontics. 

Establishes for each patient the recommended period that must elapse between each oral hygiene consultation according to the patient’s needs.

Refer you to other speciality consultation when necessary.

Mouth Guards

Sport is a hobby, a way of life and a great way to stay in shape!

Do you love sports, but you don’t want to risk losing or breaking your teeth?

Individualized protections adapted to your teeth are the most effective method of protecting them. An investment that you will not regret because your teeth have precious value and durability.

Oral cancer prevention

When was the last time you did oral cancer screening?

Did you know that 25% of oral cancer victims do not smoke or consume alcohol regularly?

Up to 90% of oral cancers arise after prolonged exposure to risk factors such as alcohol and tobacco.

At The Oral Lab dentists are trained in the screening of oral cancer and the benign and malignant lesions that can affect the oral cavity.

Your check-up consultation becomes particularly important in screening for these diseases which, when detected early, substantially improve the prognosis.

The presence of risk factors is assessed, as well as the complete examination of all intraoral zones.

The key is always in prevention, be sure to schedule your appointment at least every six months or as advised by your dentist.

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