The individuality of each patient is a major challenge on Dental Smile Design. The Dentist's perception, sensitivity and experience for dento-facial aesthetics are fundamental requirements to achieve the best results. Don't forget that your smile is your calling card!

Oral Rehabilitation and Dental Aesthetics / Smile Makeover

Oral Rehabilitation and dentofacial aesthetics encompass many areas of dentistry, more specifically all the techniques contributing to the development of a harmonious and natural smile. Thereby, engaging in the profile improvement and self-esteem of our patients.

Among these techniques we can mention the following:

  • External and internal bleaching ;
  • Porcelain veneers or composite resin bonding ; 
  • Ceramic overlays ;
  • Ceramic crowns ; 
  • Implants ;
  • Fixed or removable prosthesis ; 
  • Slight changes in the shape of the teeth ;
  • Closure of spaces between teeth ; 

At The Oral Lab we have a wide range of training and clinical experience in Aesthetic Oral Rehabilitation, having treated thousands of cases. By using the latest and least invasive technologies along with excellent internationally recognized laboratory technicians, we systematically achieve our main objective – improving our patients’ lives in a decisive and impactful way.

Gingival Aesthetics

Over the years, dentistry and patients themselves have progressively valued gingival aesthetics, not only around teeth but also around dental implants.

Nowadays, gingival plastic surgery is a relevant complementary area in the treatment of gengival aesthetics.

These techniques can be subtractive, in which gingival aesthetics are improved through surgical removal of excess gingival tissue, or reconstructive – methods used in order to improve gengivae availability.

Root coverage of resections and the correction of gingival defects are examples of reconstructive techniques performed with a high degree of predictability in our clinic.

Damaged teeth

The rehabilitation of a tooth relies on the amount of remaining healthy structure on which it is dependent biomechanicaly.  The prognosis of the tooth and its possible reconstruction is dependent on the amount of remaining sound tooth structure. Crowns, veneers, overlays and composite restorations are examples of the available options.

Teeth in a Day: Immediate function or Immediate load

The rehabilitation modality is carried out according to the individual planning of each case. Nevertheless, at The Oral Lab, the placement of temporary teeth are delivered, whenever possible, on the same day or the day after the implants are placed, in order to restore the tooth’s aesthetics and functions immediately. 

We work every day to provide conservative, safe and lasting solutions in order to provide more comfort to our patients.

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