Cross infection control in Dentistry consists of a set of measures that aim to minimize the inherent risks regarding its practice, by protecting individuals (patients, experts and the population in general) and the surrounding environment.

Exposure to biological agents, bacteria, viruses, fungi and others is one of the biggest challenges in this field. That is why the implemented measures to prevent cross-infection in the clinical environment of The Oral Lab are very strict and rigorous. Our priority is and has always been the health of our patients and professionals.

We fully respect the OMS standards on “universal precautions”, using the same rigid protection measures for all of our patients.

Some of these measures you’ll be able to observe during your dental consultation. Further methods, such as sterilization and disinfection, are performed before and after each consultation.

These norms include:

  • Hand washing and disinfection before and after each appointment ;
  • Use of individual protective equipment according to the type of treatment to be performed ;
  • Equipment sterilization and disinfection after each use ;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all of the office surfaces and equipment after each consultation ;
  • Elimination of needles and other sharp instruments in special containers ;
  • Proper disposal of waste and contaminated materials by a specialized company ;
  • Our sterilization protocols are rigorous and include the use of high-quality equipment such as ultrasound, thermo-disinfector and Class B autoclave.
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